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CVA 209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: CVA
CVA Model: 209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I received this muzzleloader as a Christmas gift from my wife for 2006. Today is January 1st, 2007.

Things I like about the CVA 209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black Black Powder: I love the full camo on the stock, forend, and the barrel. The break open action is absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!! Very easy to access with a scope mounted on top. The breech plug came pre-lubed with anti-seeze lube.

What I don't like about the CVA 209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black: I was very excited to get this muzzleloader as a gift. I also got rings and bases and a scope for the rifle as well. I purchased my muzzleloading liscense the day after X-Mas just so I could hunt a few days of the late season of deer here in Virginia. Today, Jan. 1, 2007, I went out and had everything to sight in my new muzzleloader. I read the instruction manual to the letter. ( In the past I have used an old T/C side hammer lock rifle with poor results due to inaccuracy) OK, so I load a charge of 777 loose powder and then place a sabot bullet on top and push it dwon onto the powder charge. Then place a 209 primer on top and pull the hammer to the "cocked" position. Then...... slowly squeeze the trigger. BOOMMMMMM!!!!!!! Very little recoil. GREAT to this point. Then I swab the bore to clean it, then place another charge of powder in the barrel, seat another sabot on top of the powder. Break open the action and place a new 209 primer in the breech plug and then close it. Place the gun back in the sandbags and pull the hammer back and won't lock in the "cocked" position. So I try again. Hammer won't lock in the "cocked" position. Try MULTIPLE times and the hammer WILL NOT LOCK in the "COCKED" position TO FIRE THE GUN! So basically my wife spent over $650.00 (including the scope, rings and bases) for a gun that will fire one time and make me miss the late black powder season. VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED with this rifle.

Black Powder 209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black quality: Quality and construction are very good. Although I have questions about the "construction" when it would only fire one round and then not work again.

209 Optima Pro Magnum All Camo/Black summary: Overall a very good looking product. Solid in appearance. Easy to use. VERY DIS-SATISFIED with the gun and its' performance at the range.

Rating for this CVA product: 1

Author of this review on CVA Black Powder: Eddie Chitwood

Date: 2007-01-02

Usefulness Rating: 2.74157 out of 5.
89 reader(s) voted.

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