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Garmin GPSMap 60C GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Garmin
Garmin Model: GPSMap 60C
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: GPS Purchased the unit from GPSNow for $369.95; purchased for a friend who needs for hunting, hiking and wanted a color screen.

Things I like about the Garmin GPSMap 60C GPS: Color screen is very good, with excellent resolution, and the operating system was obviously designed for a color screen. The unit has every bell and whistle one could want, including geocaching ability and a rudimentary form of roadway routing. With 56 megs of internal memory available, I was able to load all of the MapSend Topo maps for two states, with memory left over. There is a learning curve in learning the buttons and the many menus, but once the menus are mastered, the unit is both simple and fun to operate. Battery life is exceptional for a color unit. Unit is small enough to carry in a pocket.

What I don't like about the Garmin GPSMap 60C: I wish the screen were larger, but the resolution is so good that the small size is not really a handicap. I have no complaints about the unit itself; it works flawlessly, but the MapSend Topo software could use one important improvement -- although it shows all of the streets in a city, it does not show any street names. The Magellan Mapsend Topo software does show street names, so there is not much reason for Garmin to have left out this important feature.

GPS GPSMap 60C quality: The fit and finish of the unit are impeccable, as one would expect of Garmin. It is waterproof and looks durable, although I have not dropped it to see.

GPSMap 60C summary: Awesome little GPS. Great color screen, good battery life, small size, and immense storage capacity. I like the Magellan Meridian Color, but I think this unit just replaced the Magellan as the best handheld color GPS around.

Rating for this Garmin product: 5

Author of this review on Garmin GPS: Terry Hessick

Date: 2004-02-05

Usefulness Rating: 3.96847 out of 5.
222 reader(s) voted.

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