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LYMAN "Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: LYMAN
LYMAN Model: "Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder On-line order after on-line shopping for various "break-open" action rifles. Bought from Midsouth Shooters Supply for $305.46 (including S&H).

Things I like about the LYMAN "Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle Black Powder: Bought this rifle on-line after shopping various break-open muzzle loaders. Liked its looks in the LYMAN ad, but had never seen one until the new rifle arrived at my door. I very much like the look and feel of the gun and I especially like the break-open action, no exposed hammer, and tang mounted safety. It cleans easily. The magnetic breechplug feature is neat - it just sucks in the 209 primer. The Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad is great. This gun is a pussycat to shoot, even with 150 grain loads. Had a little trouble getting the accuracy I wanted but ended up with a very satisfactory load. I experimented with various Pyrodex and black powder loads over three bullets - the 245 gr BARNES SPITFIRE w/sabot, the 240 gr HORNADY 45-240XTP/MAG w/sabot, and the 410 gr HORNADY lead Great Plains bullet. Tried 90, 100, 120 and 150 grains of Pyrodex under the two sabotted bullets, and 90, 100 and 120 grains of both Pyrodex and FFG black powder under the lead bullet. Shooting was from a bench rest at 100 yds, with a chronograph. The worst groups were around 5 inches (those with larger powder charges). The better groups were with 90 or 100 grains of powder. The best was with the BARNES bullet over 90 grains of Pyrodex. This load consistently produced 1 1/2" groups with a average velocity around 1450 fps.

What I don't like about the LYMAN "Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle: Two things not to like, both minor and/or fixable in my opinion. One - while the trigger pull is light and crisp at the break (about 3 1/2 lbs.) it has a rough creep. It almost behaves as a two-stage trigger, with take up through a gritty creep, then stop, then a crisp, light break. The creep is no problem but the rough feel of it is somewhat distracting. It may just go away with a little wear. If not, a trigger job is in order. Second - the new barrel was a little rough and difficult to load with the sabots I was using. You could feel three distinct tight spots as you rammed the bullet home. However, as shooting progressed this lessened significantly. After 50 shots, the same sabots load MUCH more easily.

Black Powder "Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle quality: Well made. Wood to metal fit is just about perfect. The "Ultra Grain" finish on the wood is really neat - I assume it is applied in the same fashion the "camo" finishes are applied. Blueing is dark and even. A nice looking gun in my eyes.

"Mustang Breakaway" .50 Caliber Rifle summary: I like this rifle a lot and easily give it four stars. If the trigger smooths out I would give it five stars (plus).

Rating for this LYMAN product: 4

Author of this review on LYMAN Black Powder: Van Lopez, River Ridge, LA

Date: 2007-03-13

Usefulness Rating: 4.8125 out of 5.
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