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Costa Del Mar fa-11 fathom Sunglasses

Sunglasses Manufacturer: Costa Del Mar
Costa Del Mar Model: fa-11 fathom
Review Category: Sunglasses

Purchase: Sunglasses I picked these up at a sunglass shop in the mall. Lucked up and caught them on sale during the winter for $150. This may sound like a lot but they are worth it.

Things I like about the Costa Del Mar fa-11 fathom Sunglasses: These bad boys are the ultimate when it comes to seeing through the glare on sunny or overcast glare. I use them all the time, live on the Gulf Coast where there is a lot of glare from water and from winshields on the hiway. The main reason I bought them is to fish with and for this purpose they are unrivaled. they allow you to see through the water despite the amount of glare. i can ofter see a fish 3-4 feet deep in water when it is following my lure. You can even see your line 2-3 feet under water (and the waters down here aren't clear). They are super lightweight, dont distort what you are looking at wrap around your face and nose nicely and do an excelent job of blocking wind when haulin bass at high speeds.

What I don't like about the Costa Del Mar fa-11 fathom: the only thing to dislike is the price and the fact they should include a neck strap. if you get a pair you will want to go directly and get a strap. take my word (voice of experience) it's a real heart breaker to loose a pair of these in 40' of dark cold water.

Sunglasses fa-11 fathom quality: Excellent quality construction. made of strong, lightweight flexable carbon (frame) and the lensed are made of super lightweight glass.

fa-11 fathom summary: If you want to see what is going on under water and would like a preview of what you are about to pull into your boat, you gotta have a pair of these!

Rating for this Costa Del Mar product: 5

Author of this review on Costa Del Mar Sunglasses: bodisafa

Date: 2004-02-13

Usefulness Rating: 4.61905 out of 5.
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