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Bean's Ridgeback Hunters Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: Bean's
Bean's Model: Ridgeback Hunters
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots My Wife gave them to me for my birthday just a little while back. I looked on their website and I'll take a guess and say she paid $150 here or there.

Things I like about the Bean's Ridgeback Hunters Hunting Boots: I like these boots! They feel like my old pair of Rockies that are now in semi-retirement summoned only for shoveling stalls. These could easily go from Elk hunting to coon hunting that night. Their also very supportive for walking over rough terrain and the like.

What I don't like about the Bean's Ridgeback Hunters: With me getting older by the end of the day my legs are dragging especially if I'm trying to keep up with one of my Step-sons. What I'm trying to say is there not as light as I'd like them to be. Their kind of like an old enduro bike half on road half off.

Hunting Boots Ridgeback Hunters quality: You can bet their well made. You won't have to take or send these back.

Ridgeback Hunters summary: Nice pair of boots, just a little heavy for my taste and age. Great site, I wish I had found it sooner. Will definitely send the link to my boys.

Rating for this Bean's product: 4

Author of this review on Bean's Hunting Boots: Paul Mestruer Idaho

Date: 2003-08-28

Usefulness Rating: 4.45455 out of 5.
22 reader(s) voted.

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