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Trail Sense Engineering Trail Mac Digital Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: Trail Sense Engineering
Trail Sense Engineering Model: Trail Mac Digital
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: I purchased these cameras off the internet and paid just over $600 each. I currently have two and had another one previously that got stolen. I had been very happy with the one that got stolen, so purchased two more last summer.

Things I like about the Trail Sense Engineering Trail Mac Digital: The Trail Mac Digital has a quality camera inside a very durable and compact housing. The battery life is much better than all of the 35MM cameras that I also own and it is great to be able to view your pictures immediately, rather than have to get the film developed and find out you have 24 pictures of crows and racoons. The camera attaches easily to any size tree and has a nice camo finish on the housing.

What I don't like about the Trail Sense Engineering Trail Mac Digital: Sometimes the night time photos are not as good as you get with the 35MM cameras and the flash sort of cast a halo in some instances. The cord that sends the signal from the motion/heat sensor to the camera needs to be about 6" longer to make it easier to pull the camera from the housing for viewing your photos because if you disconnect the cord from the housing it can be annoying to re-connect.

Trail Mac Digital quality: The quality and construction of these units are great and just need the manufacture to add to the cord as I described above to make them a bit more user friendly. The unit has a simple on/off toggle swith on the outside with red/green lights as well as on/off stamped on the housing and you don't need a college degree to run them. I have had a couple of phone conversations with the gentleman who builds these and he has been very business like and is always open to your suggestions and can always answer you questions you might have regarding these cameras.

Trail Mac Digital summary: I had purchased 3 different brands of 35MM cameras and one digital one that cost $1200 and it never did work after sending it back and still it did not work. I was skeptical about these since I had never heard of them. The price was about half of what the other digital camera had cost so I figured that I couldn't go wrong. I have not had any problems with the Trail Mac cameras and own two, (was three, but one got stolen). I keep them out about 5 monthes of the year and have taken countless photos and seldom ever do you have it take a picture and not any sort of game is in it. The sensor has a excellent range also.

Rating for this Trail Sense Engineering product: 5

Author of this review on Trail Sense Engineering Trail Cameras: Steve Mason

Date: 2004-02-15

Usefulness Rating: 4.10526 out of 5.
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