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Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU) Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw Model: Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU)
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle Why review hooks? I'm doing a review on these hooks because we all face a similar situation when we buy one of the most important pieces of tackle, hooks. There's a huge wall of small packages and many different brands. You've got to decide how many you want, what style and size, and which manufacturer. Is it worth the extra dollar fifty? My philosophy on hooks was established on a float trip when I was a kid. I had finally harassed a big spawning smallmouth to hit my worm and it was fighting like heck. As I finally got it up to the side of the canoe the tension on my line went slack and I saw the fish dart away under a boulder. I don't remeber catching any more fish that day, but I do remember seeing that my cheap hook had broken. Never again! I think most of us are willing to pay a little extra if necessary, but when is it necessary? A box of 25 Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks costs $4.19 at Bass Pro Shops, and is well worth it for Texas-rigging.

Things I like about the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU) Fishing Tackle: I use the L095JBU 3/0 hooks for Texas rigging because they are the right size and have a bend at the top which helps keep the plastic worm on. Now I know you're thinking, "Fishin' Phil, I've read your other reviews and you sound like a bait fisherman, what do you know about Texas rigging?" It turns out I know a good bit about it, and lucky you, I'm going to share it. The sharpness of the hook (these are extra sharp, feel it with your fingertip if you don't believe me) is very important. If you're like me, you like keeping that hook point in the worm body a little bit to keep things weedless. When a fish hits and you set the hook, it's got to break through the worm and hook the fish within a split second, otherwise you pull the lure out and miss. Well there are noticeably more hookups per strike with these hooks than the other hooks I was using. The hookups were also more secure because the hook penetrated the fish more deeply.

What I don't like about the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU): The sharpness of the hooks can actually get you hung up more on submerged logs. Also, if the fish flops while you're dehooking, the hook can stick you pretty good so you have to be careful.

Fishing Tackle Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU) quality: I've never had these hooks bend or break. In my experience 8 pound test breaks with the hook still holding. I haven't been using them with heavier test but I'm sure they hold up well, they're bronze for gosh sakes!

Lazer Sharp Hooks (Size 3/0 Model L095JBU) summary: The lazer sharp circle hooks are also a good investment because with these hooks the fish sets the hook (and extra sharpness obviously comes in handy for that situation as well). Most of Eagle Claw's stuff is made in the U.S. (these hooks are no exception), so these hook weren't made in a sweatshop.

Rating for this Eagle Claw product: 5

Author of this review on Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle: Fishin' Phil

Date: 2004-02-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.08333 out of 5.
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