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Thomas Buoyant T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures Manufacturer: Thomas Buoyant
Thomas Buoyant Model: T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold
Review Category: Fishing Lures

Purchase: I was owner of Timber Mtn Store, Modoc Co., avid fisherman and avid user of the Thomas Buoyant red/gold spoon as we caught fish with it in all lakes in Northern Ca and southern 'Oreg. We guarenteed they would catch fish (money back). Never had to buy one back.

Things I like about the Thomas Buoyant T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold : Worked in any color of water, stream or lake. Productivity increased when I changed the treble hook for one size smaller. Better action & side to side movement which increased our catch.

What I don't like about the Thomas Buoyant T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold : The newer one, "New D - Flash" finish does not work as well as the original metal flake finish.

T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold quality: I have one spoon that I have used over 5 years, and it still catches fish. Have had to repaint the red color with a felt pen but it still gets "er" done.

T101 & T102 1/4 & 1/4 red / gold summary: Need to find some of these spoons in red and gold "metal flake". (know where there are any)?

Rating for this Thomas Buoyant product: 5

Author of this review on Thomas Buoyant Fishing Lures: George Kitchen of the Sea

Date: 2007-06-04

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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