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Moultrie Gamewatcher 2.1 Trail Cameras (m-s)

Trail Cameras (m-s) Manufacturer: Moultrie
Moultrie Model: Gamewatcher 2.1
Review Category: Trail Cameras (m-s)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (m-s) I bought this unit at Wal-Mart in Yuba City California because they had it mis-marked (they do that alot) at $39.99. I figued that at that price I couldn't go wrong and my TV viewers would appreciate my thrifty nature. I then contacted Moultrie and bought their rechargable 6 volt battery $14 along with a solar panel trickle charger $23. I attached the trickle charger to the top of the camera case with some industrial self sticking velcro. I then drilled a little notch in the bottom of the camera to pass the wire from the solar panel to the battery. I set the camera up in a shaded area of my ladder stand to see what would happen.

Things I like about the Moultrie Gamewatcher 2.1 Trail Cameras (m-s): It is very waterproof. I like that you can put a 1GB flash card in it and take full resolution pictures without the fear of missing pictures because the camera is full. When it is set up properly it works flawlessly. Has a USB and AVI computer cable jacks built in. VERY modestly priced. You can buy 5 of these for the price of 1 of the other brands. With the trickle charger available, camera battery life is extended. The case has raised areas on it making securing it to a tree with a theft prevention cable very easy.

What I don't like about the Moultrie Gamewatcher 2.1: Needs more explicit instructions. For us older guys the LCD readout could be larger so you can read it without reading glasses. The LCD should be better quality The battery could have a tighter securing method. It should be camo. Uses battery power up pretty quickly so using replaceable batteries gets pretty expensive. A rechargable battery is the only way to go.

Trail Cameras (m-s) Gamewatcher 2.1 quality: It is very well built and water proof. The case is thick and sturdy. The LCD

Gamewatcher 2.1 summary: The camera works very well. For instance on 7/21/07 I set it up at my tree stand and took 115 pictures at night. This pretty much put the camera through it's paces. The viewing screen available on other models seems to be pretty unnessary and will just use up more battery power. This game camera is simple and functional. Besides you dont have to hock the farm to have one. For the Price it is an unbeatable value.

Rating for this Moultrie product: 5

Author of this review on Moultrie Trail Cameras (m-s): Mike Wahl Host of Unlimited Outdoors TV

Date: 2007-07-25

Usefulness Rating: 3.08696 out of 5.
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