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High Country Max Extream Hunting Bows

Hunting Bows Manufacturer: High Country
High Country Model: Max Extream
Review Category: Hunting Bows

Purchase: I purchased this bow from Bass N Box in Lavale, MD. I believe for $ 475. I was shooting my old PSE bow and shortly before turkey season my PSE limb started to crack. This High Country Bow felt great to draw hold on target and shoot.

Things I like about the High Country Max Extream: I am 6'1 and I like a shorter bow but its hard to find one that feels nice when you draw the string back 3 feet! This bow seams to have everything happening at just the right place. It shoots consistantly! I like the draw stop and When I go to Pike County I always worry about my "baby" making the trip. 1 pin to 50 yards doesnt hurt either!!

What I don't like about the High Country Max Extream: The Harness string serving seperates where it goes around the cam.

Max Extream quality: Carbon - no flaws. This bow toughs it out with me on every outing and always performs flawlessly!

Max Extream summary: I love this bow and the thrill of the hunt it allows me to enjoy. Nothing like knowing your the only controllable variable in the harvest. Practice and shot placement/selection. The bow is going to do its job!

Rating for this High Country product: 5

Author of this review on High Country Hunting Bows: David Syfert

Date: 2007-08-03

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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