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Night Bobby Lighted Bobber Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Night Bobby
Night Bobby Model: Lighted Bobber
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle A friend and I were picking up some stuff at Walmart on our way to do some night fishing and both decided to pick one up. We wanted to get one both for the novelty of it as well as hopefully being able to tell more easily when something was messing with our bait. It cost about $3.25.

Things I like about the Night Bobby Lighted Bobber Fishing Tackle: I like being able to easily tell when you are getting a bite in the dark, even if your rod is in a holder. Something about fishing with a light up bobber was just kind of fun and added some enjoyment to the experience. When something begins to happen it's exciting to see your bobber start getting popped. The bobber has BB's inside of it which also alert you that something is going on.

What I don't like about the Night Bobby Lighted Bobber: The bobber isn't that hard to get attached to your line, but for some reason I kept having trouble with it. I imagine some other people might have a little trouble getting it attached in the dark. The BB's also rattle around like a box of tic-tacs when the bobber is in the tackle box (which can get annoying!). Another thing is that if you lose the bobber, you can see it out there taunting you like a little beacon. I actually saw one float further and further away out into the Missouri River until it was just a speck. The plus side of that is that if it comes in close to shore again you'll know it.

Fishing Tackle Lighted Bobber quality: It's made out of plastic and is really high quality for a bobber. I was most impressed that it didn't leak or get waterlogged at all.

Lighted Bobber summary: I think this is a great piece of gear just to have fun with. If you're taking a kid night fishing this would definitely be something to pick up. Beyond that, it is actually useful. It's an alternative to keeping a close watch on your rod tips (or maybe an aid for those who can't easily see them) that works well. It takes 2 small "watch batteries" which are included. I don't know how much it would be to replace them, and I don't know how long the light works (it lasted at least a few long nights of fishing last year). Bottom line: maybe not an essential piece of gear, but useful for those who want to use it.

Rating for this Night Bobby product: 5

Author of this review on Night Bobby Fishing Tackle: Fishin' Phil

Date: 2004-03-03

Usefulness Rating: 3.3451 out of 5.
255 reader(s) voted.

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