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Hoyt Vipertec Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Hoyt
Hoyt Model: Vipertec
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment Just bought a ViperTec Bow.Fastest and most accurate bow that I ever shot. Mathews.....too bad..I wouldn't trade my Vipertec for it at all. Catch us if you can,you say...I say it will catch and pass you.

Things I like about the Hoyt Vipertec Archery Equipment: Fast,quiet,accurate, and not that expensive for what you get.

What I don't like about the Hoyt Vipertec:

Archery Equipment Vipertec quality: Built to last and light weight.Very quiet.Don't even know when you release the arrow.

Vipertec summary: When it comes to bows, I personally don't think you can beat a Hoyt.I know I wouldn't trade mine for any other type. Not only a good looking bow,but a bow I can trust to be fast and accurate when I am hunting. Deer,turkeys,hogs,and other wildlife that I hunt are scared of a hunter that carries a Hoyt. When you ctach that deer in your sights you don't have to worry if the arrow will be fast enough to strike him and take him down, you know it. Why do you know it..because you are hunting with the best bow in the world.A Hoyt bow..the bow that does the job..Hoyt doesn't have to come up with catchy phrases.The results from a Hoyt bow is what matters..

Rating for this Hoyt product: 5

Author of this review on Hoyt Archery Equipment: Bigbuck

Date: 2007-08-16

Usefulness Rating: 4.68254 out of 5.
63 reader(s) voted.

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