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Moultrie 5 mb Outfitter trail Trail Cameras (m-s)

Trail Cameras (m-s) Manufacturer: Moultrie 5 mb
Moultrie 5 mb Model: Outfitter trail
Review Category: Trail Cameras (m-s)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (m-s) I bought from Cabelas. Paid $149 which is okay price for the product.

Things I like about the Moultrie 5 mb Outfitter trail Trail Cameras (m-s): 1. Easy to set up. 2. Rechargable battery could be used and solar battery could be attached as well extending use of the camera. 3. Can use SD card which is easy to check on the field using handheld computer or card reader. 4. Attaching to the tree with cords is convenient and easy. 5. Provides date and year on photos helping to scout.

What I don't like about the Moultrie 5 mb Outfitter trail: 1. Relatively short battery life even despite of solar battery. 2. I had to exchange 2 cameras due to malfunctions but Cabelas service was superb. 3. Not very close fit of the box and resultant problems with contacts inside of the camera.

Trail Cameras (m-s) Outfitter trail quality: On my scale very average even conceptually good unit.

Outfitter trail summary: I think it is okay camera and quite useful. I had and still have several cameras and several types of cameras and it is working better than average providing useful information. It took more photos than Stealth in the same spotand of better quality. I have never been able to use 512 mb of the card due to battery life. I tried several rechargable batteries with not much luck. Moreover, those batteries did not last even with solar panel. Quality of photos was rather good. Would be nice having shorter delay with photos may be 30 seconds or 15. I would not hesitate to have another unit realizing of limitations.

Rating for this Moultrie 5 mb product: 4

Author of this review on Moultrie 5 mb Trail Cameras (m-s): Mike from Kansas

Date: 2007-09-10

Usefulness Rating: 3.84615 out of 5.
13 reader(s) voted.

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