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leaf river infrared digital ir-3bu Trail Cameras (g-l)

Trail Cameras (g-l) Manufacturer: leaf river infrared digital
leaf river infrared digital Model: ir-3bu
Review Category: Trail Cameras (g-l)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (g-l) i bought 2 of thes units in 2005 to get photos of deer where i bow hunt. I spent approximately $700 for the two cameras. I spent the entire seasons of 2005 and 2006 trying to get deer pictures. I NEVER GOT ONE PICTURE OF A DEER!! I would get 3-4 pictures of me putting the camera out and 3-4 of me picking it up and there would be 200-400 hits on the counter but no pictures other than of me. I called the company on several occasions and even sent them back to them. They sent them back and they still wouldn't work and said the problem I was having was really unusual and they didn't know what to do about it. I have since bought a moultrie and a cuddeback no-flash and am getting great pictures. thanks. just wanted to share the service experiences I received with others planning on buying a camera in the near future.

Things I like about the leaf river infrared digital ir-3bu Trail Cameras (g-l): If I could have gotten them to take pictures I would have liked the no-flash feature. but since they would only take pictures of me I couldn't find much to like!!

What I don't like about the leaf river infrared digital ir-3bu: They never took a deer picture in 2 years and the service kept telling me to try different things none of which worked. Their service department is a joke!!

Trail Cameras (g-l) ir-3bu quality: Adequate construction. quality was non-existant.

ir-3bu summary: I would recommend anyone planning on buying a deer camera to go ahead and spend the money and get a moultrie or cuddeback no-flash. You will be much happier, believe me. I spent two years sending the cameras back and forth and calling for support with absolutely no luck from leaf river. During this time my friends were getting great pictures of large bucks with their cameras while I could only get pictures of me putting the camera out and me picking it up with anywhere from 200-400 hits on the counter and no pictures of deer or anything but me.

Rating for this leaf river infrared digital product: 1

Author of this review on leaf river infrared digital Trail Cameras (g-l): alton chambless

Date: 2007-09-25

Usefulness Rating: 2.98661 out of 5.
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