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Peloi Scout 1.5-6x32 Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: Peloi
Peloi Model: Scout 1.5-6x32
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes I acquired my Peloi Scout directly from Peloi through their internet site. I have an AR15 that I use for combat shoots from almost point blank out to 300 yards and I was looking for a scope that would double as a single pointer as well a long range scope. I paid about $129 US and shipping was $12. Some other clubs we visit had been using Peloi scopes and they seemed very pleased with them so I decided to inquire further, the price and service was excellent. These scopes were also popular with some UK clubs.

Things I like about the Peloi Scout 1.5-6x32 Rifle Scopes: I like this scope for its choice of reticle, it uses an etched red dot and duplex system which means it can be used as a red dot scope or normally. It lets me get off fast clean shots at all distances. It also has good long eye relief and very sharp optics. I also like the reticle adjusters (1/4MOA) nice sharp clicks and the variable magnification range, it is not too great that you can lose perspective but large enough to be very functional..

What I don't like about the Peloi Scout 1.5-6x32: This scope is so basic but so totally functional that there isn't anything to dislike.

Rifle Scopes Scout 1.5-6x32 quality: Peloi 1.5-6x32 Scout is a solid compact scope, its matt black coating is consistant and the finish is perfect. It has smooth diopter and magnification adjustment control movements, both give the feel of quality. The coin reticle adjustments are well finished and each click is precise. The optics are sharp and clear with no imperfections, definetly high quality.

Scout 1.5-6x32 summary: The Peloi Scout is a very well made scope and in terms of quality and functionality it would be hard to beat. Its simplicity is what makes it a true scout scope. It is a well priced compact scope that does not get the recognition it deserves along side more expensive competition. I would recommend the Scout to anyone considering military style combat shooting or even as a compact hunting scope for a Scout rifle or carbine.

Rating for this Peloi product: 5

Author of this review on Peloi Rifle Scopes: Chris C

Date: 2007-10-07

Usefulness Rating: 3.79167 out of 5.
72 reader(s) voted.

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