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Normark (Rapala) Wooden Fillet Board Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Normark (Rapala)
Normark (Rapala) Model: Wooden Fillet Board
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip I think this is something that everyone has seen when they are out looking at fishing tackle. A lot of things can seem like a good idea in the store, but may not always work in the real world. Although this is a board with a clamp on it, one of those things that you see and think, "I could build THAT," it is a genuinely useful tool. I first used one of these because my dad was smart enought to buy one, and it makes cleaning fish go a lot faster. These are available at for $11.99, and Walmart has the plastic version for about the same price. I have not used Bass Pro's version, but they have a Bass Pro brand wooden board for about $10.

Things I like about the Normark (Rapala) Wooden Fillet Board Fishing Misc Equip: I like the fact that the fillet board makes cleaning fish easier and quicker. Cleaning fish usually comes towards the end of a fairly long day, and I think anything that makes the process easier and safer is well worth 10 bucks. The clamp acts as an extra hand to grip the tail, only the clamp doesn't slip around at all. A handle extends behind the clamp so you can steady the board without your hand being in the way of the fillet knife. The board itself can get slimy (as always happens when cleaning fish), but overall the process is definitely easier. It's around 18 inches long and 5 or 6 wide, so it's also easy to pack. Cleaning is fairly straightforward.

What I don't like about the Normark (Rapala) Wooden Fillet Board: Although cleaning it isn't really a hassle, sometimes I feel like the wood is still slimy after I have washed it. Maybe that's my fault, though!

Fishing Misc Equip Wooden Fillet Board quality: It's very simple and would be tough to break. The spring on the clamp has held up well.

Wooden Fillet Board summary: If you think of the board as a friend who wants to help you use a razor sharp knife as quickly and as safely as possible (when you're as likely as not to be tired), I think you'll agree that it makes sense to get one. It does its job and does it well, and it would probably be tough to build something of this quality for the price. What more can you ask?

Rating for this Normark (Rapala) product: 5

Author of this review on Normark (Rapala) Fishing Misc Equip: Fishin' Phil

Date: 2004-03-08

Usefulness Rating: 3.05063 out of 5.
79 reader(s) voted.

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