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Aftershock Hypershock 100 Hypershock 100 Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Aftershock Hypershock 100
Aftershock Hypershock 100 Model: Hypershock 100
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I got these broadheads as a gift from a friend of mine.

Things I like about the Aftershock Hypershock 100 Hypershock 100 Broadheads: I like the concept of field point accuracy but never had any problems with my Montec G5 or Muzzys.

What I don't like about the Aftershock Hypershock 100 Hypershock 100: What I don't like about these is that I shot a 18 lb woodchuck at 20 yards and didn't get a complete pass through. I was shooting a Mathews FX @ 70lbs and only got 8 inches of penetration. I was extremely disappointed to say the least. If I can't get a pass through on a woodchuck at 20 yards, I'm definately not going to shoot them at deer. It disapointed me that with the same bow and arrow combo with a G5 or Muzzy broadhead followed by a grasshopper insert (5 little prongs that catch the ground and flip you arrow up if you miss so not to bury arrow in the grass) gets a pass through every time. I shoot about 6-8 woodchucks a summer on my property so I have a little experience with the critters.

Broadheads Hypershock 100 quality: Constuction seemed to be o.k., blades were pretty sharp right out of the package.

Hypershock 100 summary: Wasn't impressed. For roughly $30 for a 3 pack I wouldn't buy them if thay were in a half off bin. Just glad that mine were a gift and I didn't spend any money on them. Do yourself a favor and look elswhere if you like pass throughs on deer.

Rating for this Aftershock Hypershock 100 product: 1

Author of this review on Aftershock Hypershock 100 Broadheads: Shawn Minard

Date: 2007-10-10

Usefulness Rating: 4.42857 out of 5.
7 reader(s) voted.

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