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Leaf River IR3 BU Trail Cameras (g-l)

Trail Cameras (g-l) Manufacturer: Leaf River
Leaf River Model: IR3 BU
Review Category: Trail Cameras (g-l)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (g-l) $300 off ebay. We were looking to learn more about deer habits

Things I like about the Leaf River IR3 BU Trail Cameras (g-l): It works without a flash to reduce its impact on deer habits.

What I don't like about the Leaf River IR3 BU: This unit has a number of issues. 1. The interface is painful to use when setting it up to try see the pictures it took or just setting what you want it to do. Nothing is obvious and it seems that hitting the same sequence of buttons doesn't always do the same thing so often you have to turn it off and start over. 2. Too slow to capture data. The optimal range for this unit is 6 yards at which point is has about a 4 yard wide viewing window. Unfortunately the trigger time is so slow that if the animal is walking thru that window you will only see its behind. You have to set this camera up so the animal walks closely by the camera and then away from the camera in its line of sight. That way you will at least see it. Note we had it set to FAST trigger time mode. 3. Needs too much power. We have to replace 4D's and 3C's every week and even then if its around freezing, the camera may not work.

Trail Cameras (g-l) IR3 BU quality: It's decent. A bear knawed on it and did little damage.

IR3 BU summary: I'd save your money and get a camera with a faster trigger time. It takes time to set these things up and if you just get pictures of somethings behind, its dissapointing. If you are just going to use it to watch a baitpile, it would be fine. But its not a trail camera.

Rating for this Leaf River product: 2

Author of this review on Leaf River Trail Cameras (g-l): Ekk Breath Flap Me Collar

Date: 2007-10-14

Usefulness Rating: 3.03401 out of 5.
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