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Rocky Super Brute Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: Rocky
Rocky Model: Super Brute
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots I purchased these boots at my cost when I was in the firearms business. I was looking for a good, American made hunting boot that was waterproof and sufficiently insulated for the occasional days where the temperatures warranted their use.

Things I like about the Rocky Super Brute Hunting Boots: The uppers on the boots are well made, and the overall appearance is quite good. They look to be well constructed. The boots have a soft, cushioned feel to them.

What I don't like about the Rocky Super Brute: For starters, the boots do not fit to size. I intentionally ordered the boots slightly wider than I would normally wear to ensure that they'd fit with heavier socks. These boots are tight with even the lightest of socks that I've tried. I have had my foot measured, both before purchasing these boots and after. I ordered my boots accordingly, but the sizing is incorrect. Since I rarely have the need for heavily insulated boots, these have been used sparingly. In two years, they were not worn more than six times total. Well before the next season rolled around, I took the boots out of the closet just to have a look at them, and try them on to ensure that all was well. I was greeted with a pile of black substance on the floor of my closet. When I looked at the soles of the boots, chunks of the soles on both boots were missing. The soles were sticky and so decomposed, that just walking accross the room caused them to come apart. I am meticulous in the care of my equipment, and it was no different with these boots. The uppers on these boots look almost new, in contrast to the soles. The boots were stored in the closet of my climate controled home with the rest of my shoes and boots, none of which have come apart in similar fashion.

Hunting Boots Super Brute quality: The uppers on these boots are of excellent quality. It's too bad that Rocky didn't see fit to attach them to soles of equal quality. At the price paid, one should expect no less. The uppers are useless.

Super Brute summary: As disappointed as I was with these boots, I thought that Rocky Boot deserved the benefit of the doubt. After all, my pair of boots could have been an anomoly, and not the norm. When I contacted Rocky Boot, my disappointment was only compounded. They refused to repair the boots as defective because they were out of the one year warranty. Now, I might have been able to understand this had the boots in question had been put through two years of abuse, but this was hardly the case. It took several e-mails and telephone calls before I was finally able to shame Rocky into standing behind their product. I've yet to wear the resoled boots this hunting season, but you can bet that I'll have a backup pair with me just in case. BTW: This is the second pair of Rocky boots that I've owned where the soles came apart. A pair of lightweight, uninsulated, waterproof Rocky boots I own didn't make it through two days of hunting before the soles started to come apart. Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware.

Rating for this Rocky product: 1

Author of this review on Rocky Hunting Boots: Keith

Date: 2007-10-26

Usefulness Rating: 4.58824 out of 5.
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