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Humminbird 727 Fishing system Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Humminbird
Humminbird Model: 727 Fishing system
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders Ordered this unit online from page computers. Can't remember the price, but was lower than anyhwere else.

Things I like about the Humminbird 727 Fishing system Fish Finders: Lot's of features. Great display size and resolution. I really wanted to like this fishfinder.

What I don't like about the Humminbird 727 Fishing system: Dependability is poor. Both in performance and workmanship. Works well in shallow lakes, but starts to show it's limitations in deeper water. I own a Lowrance z7000, which outperforms this unit, and is over twenty years old.

Fish Finders 727 Fishing system quality: Construction of unit is nice. Light weight, smooth, floats. Considering I've owned this unit just over a year, and I'm already having problems, I have to rate the quality as poor. I owned my Lowrance over 20 years, with no problems whatsoever.

727 Fishing system summary: Nice unit, if you could depend on it. I began having display problems, just outside the warranty of one year. I only have about ten fishing trips on this unit. I emailed Humminbird twice explaining my problems and concerns. Considering I was new to the Humminbird line, I was hoping they would stand behind their product, and offer me some sort of "good faith" resolution or reassurance. It's been over a month, and Humminbird has not bothered to make a response of any kind. So much for customer service. Basically, don't expect any support after the sale. They are only there to sell you more accessories, and it will cost you a flat rate of around $100.00 for any problem you may have. I really wanted to like this unit, and maybe would have with just a little support and reassurance from customer service. Am I going to have to pay $100.00 every year I own this? Considering the customer (lack of)service, I think I'll be moving on. Something to consider when purchasing any Humminbird product. Buyer beware.

Rating for this Humminbird product: 1

Author of this review on Humminbird Fish Finders: Mike

Date: 2007-11-28

Usefulness Rating: 3.12615 out of 5.
325 reader(s) voted.

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