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Tink's Fox Urine - Deer Siren Calls Lures Scents

Calls Lures Scents Manufacturer: Tink's
Tink's Model: Fox Urine - Deer Siren
Review Category: Calls Lures Scents

Purchase: Calls Lures Scents I live in Pennsylvania and have had tremendous sucess with using fox urine as a cover scent. For years it has not only covered my scent, but also put deer at ease as even deer know the fox is one of the craftiest animals in the forest and if he is around chances are there's not a human anywhere close by. Please read the other categories for the yeah but.........

Things I like about the Tink's Fox Urine - Deer Siren Calls Lures Scents: Worked for years.

What I don't like about the Tink's Fox Urine - Deer Siren: I've noticed it hasn't worked as well in the last few years and deer almost seemed spooked at times once they got a whiff of it. I thought maybe someone had been prowling around my stand the last couple of years because the deer always seem to take notice of where I was at. Finally it hit me while in my tree stand the other day. Pennsylvania for many years had few coyotes. Over the last five years there's been a huge population increase in coyotes in PA. Coyotes kill deer, especially fawns. Now you may be asking yourself what does this have to do with Fox Urine. Well my thinking is the Coyote and the Fox are so closely related in the animal kingdom that it must be hard for a deer to tell their urine apart. Think about it, they both eat the same things so on and so forth. Deer are raised as fawns to be on the alert for coyotes and here I am putting it out as a cover scent. It makes scents doesn't it(pardon the pun). The last two years I've shot bucks in PA, but both times I didn't use the fox urine. The one year I just forgot to put it out and the other was as I was moving to another stand.

Calls Lures Scents Fox Urine - Deer Siren quality: Worked great before the evolution of the coyotes in pennsylvania.

Fox Urine - Deer Siren summary: There may be an expert or two out there that disagree with me, but as I get older I realize more and more that actions speak louder than words and when deer enter into my woodlot looking in my direction when I'm concealed in a tree stand 20 foot up in a tree and then hurry off I know something is wrong and I believe it's the using of fox urine as my cover scent. I don't mean to pick on Tink's here, I believe all fox urines do the same thing when coyotes are the norm.

Rating for this Tink's product: 1

Author of this review on Tink's Calls Lures Scents: Spotted A Mile Away.

Date: 2007-11-30

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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