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Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand Stinger #7510 Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand
Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand Model: Stinger #7510
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Purchased from Sam's Club for $170.00 in November 2007. Tester’s specifications; Age:55,Height:6’2” Weight: 180 lbs., Waist: 34 inches, Boot size: 12 Dates tested: November 24-25 & 28, 2007 Testing conditions; Weather: Dry, 18 to 42 degrees, calm to windy (15-25 mph). Location: State forests in Saginaw & Gratiot Counties of Michigan. Trees tested: Maple, Oak & Poplar. Testing heights: 12 to 35 ft. Usage times: 4, 11.5, 5 & 3 hours.

Things I like about the Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand Stinger #7510 Tree Stands: Solid and secure platform and seat frames. Virtually noiseless framing once installed into position. The ease of climbs and descents, while seated or standing. Large foot platform area and roomy seating area. Footrest and adjustable sling padded seat are great features for the extended stays.

What I don't like about the Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand Stinger #7510: Skimpily padded backpack straps and shooting rest. Rattle of cables during carrying. Body harness constantly needed tightening (after walking, bending and usual movements). Tree strap tether was difficult to thread (with ungloved hands), open and close during use.

Tree Stands Stinger #7510 quality: This climbing tree stand is a solid and durable performer for all hunters. The aluminum construction helps keep the weight down. During setup the cable system encompasses the tree and locks into the multi-slotted frames. Once this unit is attached to the tree, the climbing can be done either seated on the climbing aid/shooting rest or with the use of your upper body. The lower platform is moved with the use of your feet in fixed frame footholds. This back strapless design was secure and functional; unlike other climbers that you have to bend over and attach some type of strapping to hold your feet in place. Tree strap tether showed signs of fraying along edges (after 3 days of use) and there were some gouges in the plastic covering the cables. Shooting rest was virtually useless to this hunter (It was too low to utilize); even after replacing padding with 1” material. I also attached bungee cords to quiet the vibrating cables during my entries into and exits from the woods.

Stinger #7510 summary: Tree stand: B+ Body harness: D The Stinger sure carries lighter than the massive framework appears. Once, I was familiar with the short setup time; it was quite easy to get up and down even in the dark. I had no qualms, even during breezy conditions, about moving around on this tree stand. The Stinger should last for years, is well made and a good performer, although, I would invest in a separate harness system.

Rating for this Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand product: 4

Author of this review on Ameristep Non-Typical Climber Treestand Tree Stands: Jerry Barz, Saginaw, Michigan

Date: 2007-12-01

Usefulness Rating: 4.68056 out of 5.
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