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gorilla tree stand wolverine climber Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: gorilla tree stand
gorilla tree stand Model: wolverine climber
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands i bought this stand at walmart this year.i purchased it because i was after a buck that disliked open spaces verry much.i needed a climbing stand to get in the brush with him.i am a rather large person and this stand was rated too 300 pounds.i liked the design and the price(74.95)i like the stand verry well.i spend sometimes as much as 6 hours on the tree and remain comfortable throughout.

Things I like about the gorilla tree stand wolverine climber Tree Stands: the thing i like most is the comfort of this isn,t too narrow as many are.the net seating is perfectly much so that i never use the padded seat and backrest that comes with the unit.i also like the cable locking,s simple but extremely safe,also,the flexibility of the cable reciever arms is verry flexible.easily attached to a variety of tree bites into the tree ,whether its oak or,s solid as a rock!great stand!

What I don't like about the gorilla tree stand wolverine climber: the things i dislike about this stand are;the standon platform is just a little short,needs to extend about 6 inches.also,the stand need to come with some type of gunrest.perhaps one that folds back onto the seat section of the stand.

Tree Stands wolverine climber quality: the construction of this unit is is reenforced at the needed places.all the welding appears to be verry good.the locking pins are strong and tight,with locking hitchpins of good quality.

wolverine climber summary: in all,i have used a lot of stands in my 50 years of hunting.prefering climbing stands for 40 of that,i can truly say that i wish i would have owned this stand for that lenght of time on the tree would have been much more enjoyable for me.keep up the good work and quality of your stands!

Rating for this gorilla tree stand product: 5

Author of this review on gorilla tree stand Tree Stands: Randy Edmonson

Date: 2007-12-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.09091 out of 5.
11 reader(s) voted.

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