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Rivers West Ranger ATJ Rain Gear

Rain Gear Manufacturer: Rivers West
Rivers West Model: Ranger ATJ
Review Category: Rain Gear

Purchase: Rain Gear I purchased this rain gear from a local sporting goods store because I wanted a durable rainproof silent system. $180

Things I like about the Rivers West Ranger ATJ Rain Gear: It is wind resistant making it very warm. Stretchable durable material.

What I don't like about the Rivers West Ranger ATJ: I wore it to a 3D archery shoot in the rain, and it was not completely waterproof. It let water in on the shoulders, back, and forearms. Since it is windproof, it does not breathe. If you are hiking it gets too hot to wear. It is also quite heavy.

Rain Gear Ranger ATJ quality: Some of the features are very nice. Like the extra long back and the rollup collar and detachable hood. The material seems durable as it has snagged on barbwire, branches and even lasted through some tumbles. The zipper broke this late archery season in December.

Ranger ATJ summary: In my opinion it is not worth the money. Their advertising says that it has a lifetime guarantee that it wont break, but when the zipper broke they told me that only has a 12 month warranty and it will cost me $12 to repair it. The lacking ability to keep me dry in heavy down poors and the beathabiltiy issue with the jacket getting too hot really limits me to only using it deer hunting late season when I plan on sitting on a stand for long periods of time.

Rating for this Rivers West product: 1

Author of this review on Rivers West Rain Gear: toughonequiptment

Date: 2007-12-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.00709 out of 5.
282 reader(s) voted.

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