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Purchase: Tree Stands I have one of the early models of the Tree Lounge. I purchased it from the owner/manufacturer in about 1982 at a gun show in Shreveport, LA.

Things I like about the tree lounge tree stand Tree Stands: I cannot praise this unit enough. I and many of my friends have used my Tree Lounge to kill many deer. It is very comfortable. No Pressure Points! Why/How? The uniqued design - sling seat - lacks any "pressure points". Therefore, you can stay up a long, long time. Many days, I have spent 6, 8, or even 10+ hours up in my Tree Lounge. I have often slept part of the day in this stand. It is the only stand that I've ever used where I felt comfortable at 35 feet, 40 feet or even higher, and our experience with this stand has coorborated the Tree Lounge Company claim that the higher you hunt... the more deer you will see. I've killed a number of deer within 10-12 feet of the base tree in which I was hunting. My 16 year old son used it last weekend and "awoke" to find an 8 pt. standing under him (35 ft. under him). Safety, comfort, kill a bunch of deer.. oo what many of my friends have done, go buy a Tree Lounge!

What I don't like about the tree lounge tree stand: The unit is heavy. But with the hip belt, to tranfer the weight of the stand to your hips (like when you carry a backpack) it isn't too bad. Without the hip belt, it is a beast to carry. It can be a little noisy, but with a minor amount of work I made mine very quiet.

Tree Stands tree stand quality: Built like a Sherman tank - after almost 25 years, it looks great! I have only had to replace one bolt and the bungee cord. How many deer stands can make a claim like that?

tree stand summary: As a Tree Lounge owner for 25 years... My Tree Lounge is safe, comfortable, with ease of set up and use, and has great options. It has no pressure points, encourages high hunting and is built like a tank, but a little heavy. I've loaned this stand to a number of hunters who then purchased their own Tree Lounges and then convinced their hunting friends to purchase Tree Lounges and so on.... My 21 yr. old nephew is buying one, and my son is saving his money for one. Yes, there are lighter, fancier, and more interesting designs out there, but almost every Tree Lounge owner that Iíve ever meet over the last 25 years is a fanatic about his Tree Lounge. I know that Iím one! Oh, and it never slips on a tree... never!! The first time that you comfortably hunt 6-8-10 hours, 35 feet up in a tree in your Tree Lounge (and yes even sleep in it) you too will be a fanatic also! Give it five stars*****

Rating for this tree lounge product: 5

Author of this review on tree lounge Tree Stands: Kyle M.

Date: 2007-12-26

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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