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G loomis MBR783C GLX Bass Fishing Rods

Bass Fishing Rods Manufacturer: G loomis
G loomis Model: MBR783C GLX
Review Category: Bass Fishing Rods

Purchase: Bass Fishing Rods I acquired this rod online at Herb's sporting good store in Fresno CA. I chose this as my primary bass tool because of its performance, lightweight, sensitivity, and the great reputation that G Loomis holds up to. The price on these rods go over 300 but, in my opinion I think it is well worth it if you are catching more fish and getting more performance.

Things I like about the G loomis MBR783C GLX Bass Fishing Rods: I really noticed the weight on this rod. It was almost weightless and had a great feel to it when you are holding it. I matched this rod with a Shimano Antares AR from Japan which is almost a perfect match. The reel sits low and the rod has the blank exposed near the handle so you can have a greater feel while fishing. This rod was so sensitive that I could actually feel the difference between rocks and pilings dragging along the lake beds. This rod has helped me to catch more fish and it did not cause any fatigue in my arms from casting all day while most rods give me shoulder aches and stiff forearms.

What I don't like about the G loomis MBR783C GLX: No complaints. Just the price.

Bass Fishing Rods MBR783C GLX quality: a++ You can not find a better rod on the market. G loomis uses the best components out on the market so it is hard to complain about the quality. Every other rod is compared to the G loomis standards. IMX and GLX is where the performance really begins.

MBR783C GLX summary: Overall this rod is the perfect bass rod. Powerful enough to haul fish out of brushes and piling yet sensitive enough to feel the slightest nibbles. The rod is well constructed with high quality components and built tough. G loomis has the Lifetime warranty with the rod so there is nothing to worry about while fishing with this amazing rod. I have fished with all types of rods on the market but when it comes down to it G Loomis is sitting on top of the totem pole as usual. For the serious anglers I highly recommend the G loomis rods as your arsenal of choice for fishing fresh or salt waters.

Rating for this G loomis product: 5

Author of this review on G loomis Bass Fishing Rods: Eric Kim

Date: 2004-03-09

Usefulness Rating: 4.82906 out of 5.
117 reader(s) voted.

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