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Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019 Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Spot Hogg
Spot Hogg Model: Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment I purchased the Spot Hogg SDP sight with out the wrap about 2 years ago on Ebay for around $145 with shipping, I later purchased the sight wrap about 6 months ago for around $100 from Cabelas I believe.You can now purchase the sight with the wrap already attached for around $200 this is the way I would go if I was just starting to look for a Spot Hogg sight.This will save you some money,which you can spend on some other cool new toy for yourself.I will be reviewing the sight with the wrap as a whole unit but the sight without the wrap is equally excellent the pins just are not as bright.

Things I like about the Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019 Archery Equipment: This sight will be the last sight I will ever need. This sight and the other Spot Hogg sights are built like tanks. All metal construction Aircraft grade aluminium.The dove tails are wide,solid and thick no wimpy thin ones that bend if you tighten them a little too hard.The set screws are hefty to,thick larger allen head but no need to tighten it with all you strength. The way the dove tail is constructed if you turn the set screw to a managable tightness this sucker is not going to go anywhere,no vibrating loose like some other sights.My Spot Hogg is the micro adjust model which I enjoy.Again this its construction is heavy duty yet simple no over engineered design no added screws to strip out.Two screws one for Elevation one for Windage and they only move the microadjusting arms.The sight guard has a wire that runs through the center of it that according to the factory is squared off with the bubble level so you get a level pin alignment thus more accuracy.I do not use my bubble level but I do use the wire to make sure my pins are straight vertically and my shots are true so it works for me.The pins are all metal construction and move in a turret style fashion with two set screws to hold it in place unlike other sights that use two rails and the pins slide up and down.The Spot Hogg pins also telescope in and out so you can make small windage adjustments without having to move the whole sight guard.The pin system on this these sights take a little getting use to but once you do,it's is really easy to manipulate.The sight guard also has a high contrast sight ring for those of you who like to line your guard up with you peep.The sight guard on my sight is the large size guard buy the way.The Sight Wrap is again in Spot Hogg fashion all metal construction with the exception of the fiber optics and window strip that allows the light to hit the fiber optics.There is a light hole mount on the side of the wrap housing that allow the light to shine directly on the fiber optics but not be seen from the outside so that you do not spook game.I would suggest a Rheostat style light so you can control the brightness of the light.A old style light that just turns on and off with no adjustment options might be too bright and the brightness of the pin could cloud you target.The brightness of the fiber optics with the wrap alone is something to behold.Bright and crystal clear but not so bright that it interferes with your target.This wrap gathers ambient light so well that I have not had to use my light yet.If you have the wrap installed and you have to use the light it will be minutes away from being too dark to hunt anyway thats how well the wrap works but alot can happen in a minute so I have a light just in case.My pin size is the .019 because where I live it is not uncommon to have shots 50 to 70 yards so I need the small pins.They also come in the .029 size.

What I don't like about the Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019 : I do not have anything that I do not like about this sight.I can think that some people might not like that you can only get Spot Hogg sights in a 5 or 7 pin configuration or that you can not mix the two sizes if the pins in one sight at least not if you have the wrap installed.

Archery Equipment Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019 quality: Please see above.I don't want to write that all over again.

Seven Deadly Pins with sight wrap .019 summary: This Spot Hogg sight is pricey I will admit but with that cost you get the satifaction of knowing that with regular use you will not have to buy another sight for a very long time if ever.The construction of this sight is among the best out there if not the best.I have had my sight for about 2 years and have never replaced my fiber optics or anything else.I never worry that my sight has been knocked out of alignment in my case after driving that bumpy jeep trail to the camp.No worries, that's what that price tag also came with, for me anyways.You all shoot straight and harvest that bruiser of your dreams or slam all X's.Have a good one

Rating for this Spot Hogg product: 5

Author of this review on Spot Hogg Archery Equipment: V.Bent

Date: 2008-01-15

Usefulness Rating: 4.85 out of 5.
40 reader(s) voted.

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