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Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2 Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Pflueger
Pflueger Model: Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels You know, I really can't tell how much my first Pflueger 1494 1/2 reel cost because it was a Christmas gift from my parents way back in the 1950's. I do know that it was inexpensive because my folks couldn't afford one of those high priced ones. Besides my dad had the exact same model and he used his a lot. Even today, these nice little reels and extra spools are not very expensive and are available at many retailers and mail- order locations. They sell for about $25.00 and extra spools for about $13.00 from Cabela's.

Things I like about the Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2 Fishing Reels: I can tell you that I have used my Pflueger Medalist for many, many years without a single problem. The only exception would be to apply a bit of lube to the inner works once in a great while. But cleaning and lubing can only be con-sidered normal. Another thing that I like about these reels is the ease of changing spools. I have 2 reel bodies and 4 spools with different types of lines. On one there is a sinking line, another has a floater, and two have sink-tips of dif- ferent sink lengths, so I am covered for any situation. Changing spools is very simple, push the release button and pull the old spool out and push the new one in until seats in the body. It couldn't be easier. The most important consideration is they function easily and flawlesly. I look forward to passing them down in the family when I can no longer use them.

What I don't like about the Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2: I really don't have any dislikes with my setup. My 2 reels have served me very well for decades without complaint.

Fishing Reels Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2 quality: These reels are made of aluminum and are light weight and balance well on a fly rod. The spool is enclosed in a rigid frame that gives it good body strength. This helps keep the entire assembly straight and true. All in all, they are well constructed and should last a life-time.

Medalist Fly Reel model 1494 1/2 summary: My reels have served my purposes ex-tremely well with no problems. They come well made and with their inexpensive cost and availability just can't be beat. Any fisherman would be well suited for any but the largest of species of fish with one of these reels and I would be eager to recommend one of the several models of Medalist reel to anyone interested. I beleive that a beginniner would be well equipped and ready for almost anything.

Rating for this Pflueger product: 5

Author of this review on Pflueger Fishing Reels: Steven Webb

Date: 2008-01-25

Usefulness Rating: 4.875 out of 5.
16 reader(s) voted.

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