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Leaf River IR3 BU Trail Cameras (g-l)

Trail Cameras (g-l) Manufacturer: Leaf River
Leaf River Model: IR3 BU
Review Category: Trail Cameras (g-l)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (g-l) got this from Cabella's for $300. I wanted to see what goes on at night in the woods and during the day when i'm not out there.

Things I like about the Leaf River IR3 BU Trail Cameras (g-l): THe IR is a great feature, and the case is solid and water tight. It secures good but you'll need a python lock. Takes good photos but all are IR. This camera has bee outside in the winter weather for 4 months and has not stopped working. (I've replaced the batt's every couple weeks) Remote (extra) IR flash unit is handy to extend or widen the flash area. (2 more D cells)

What I don't like about the Leaf River IR3 BU : It's IR all the time so the colors are a bit odd. At temps around zero the camera gets sluggish and takes some strange photos. (but still works) The memory card is dificult to remove if you have large hands and large cold hands it's a PITA!! 4-d cells 3-c cells that's allot of batterys!! (2 more D's with flash extender)

Trail Cameras (g-l) IR3 BU quality: solid tight, water proof seal. It's well made. and with the right locks it is secure. Batterys fit snug. It's not hard to program. Batterys last about 2.5 weeks

IR3 BU summary: Not a bad camera, my next IR camera will be something with a solar cell, and full color daytime shots. This camera will still be used year round. It seems tough as nails, it's been through some nasty rain and real cold weather, I do like the night shots but the IR day time shots are a bit lacking. If Leaf River switches to color day shots and a solar panel add on this would be a wonderful camera package.

Rating for this Leaf River product: 4

Author of this review on Leaf River Trail Cameras (g-l): Randy

Date: 2008-01-27

Usefulness Rating: 3.04184 out of 5.
239 reader(s) voted.

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