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Bear Element Hunting Bows

Hunting Bows Manufacturer: Bear
Bear Model: Element
Review Category: Hunting Bows

Purchase: Hunting Bows I bought this bow on E-bay as a RTS setup for $240. I bought it because I was new at archery and wanted something that was affordable.

Things I like about the Bear Element Hunting Bows: I like the looks of the bow, it has great color setup. Its compact and easy to carry around.

What I don't like about the Bear Element: First off, when i recieved this bow, it was missing the upper limp pocket spacers so the limb was rubbing everytime i pulled it. Now when i contacted bear about this they did ship me out all the replacement pieces free of charge. But when i got the pieces the limbs were so tight that we broke 4 tools trying to loosen them. Now its all fixed and it shoots pretty good, its really accurate up to 40 yards, any more then that it drops significantly. Also, the bow is extremely hard to pull (and i'm not a little guy), i can pull 80 lbs with ease usually but this one at 64lbs and i have to stop after 10 shots.

Hunting Bows Element quality: Over all its looks alright, the paint scratches off with ease, but other then the problems that were with the bow when i recieved it, it seems alright.

Element summary: In my words I would suggest that people spend the money up front. That way it will save them in the long run, saving time and making more time to shoot. I will be selling this bow soon to make way for something better. I would say, do your reading on anything you are thinking of purchasing and try them out if you can.

Rating for this Bear product: 2

Author of this review on Bear Hunting Bows: Nathan

Date: 2008-01-28

Usefulness Rating: 2.14286 out of 5.
14 reader(s) voted.

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