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Leupold Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42 Binoculars

Binoculars Manufacturer: Leupold
Leupold Model: Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42
Review Category: Binoculars

Purchase: Binoculars I purchased the binoculars from Cabela's. The bino's retail for $499. I have been wanting a pair of high end binoculars for some time. The Cabela's representative was so much help. There was no pressure and he was very knowledgable. He understood this was a very large purchase for me and I had a budget.

Things I like about the Leupold Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42 Binoculars: The first thing I liked about the Leupold Pinnacles was the feel. I really like the adjustable eyecups. I have to mention the ease of the focus adjustment knob. Clear, Bright, Sharp, Crisp are just some the words which come to mind, when I think about the glass in these binoculars. I compared to much more expensive binoculars and could tell a difference, with the more expensive being clearer.Even without a budget, I probably would've purchased the Leupold still because I (my eyes) could not justify a $500 upgrade. I am very pleased with my Leupold Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42's.

What I don't like about the Leupold Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42: The only thing I dislike about these binoculars is the covers over the objective ends. There are your standard plastic caps. These binoculars are already rubber armoured. Why could'nt they have attached the covers that are tethered and rubberized.

Binoculars Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42 quality: The construction is sturdy and rugged. They should give me many years of service. The quality is superb, I would recommend the Leupold Green Ring Pinnacle binocular to anyone.

Green Ring Pinnacle 10x42 summary: Leupold please do something about the objective covers, The plastic cups are pretty cheeeeesssyyyy. Otherwise these are excellent binoculars. In closing I am very satified with the performance of these binoculars. I want to reinterate that I could not justify paying alot more for other binoculars. The more expensive binoculars were clear etc., but not $300-$500 clearer.

Rating for this Leupold product: 5

Author of this review on Leupold Binoculars: Madison Johnson

Date: 2008-02-02

Usefulness Rating: 3.01808 out of 5.
553 reader(s) voted.

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