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Proline 170 Sportsman Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors Manufacturer: Proline
Proline Model: 170 Sportsman
Review Category: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors

Purchase: Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors My father and I went halfsies on the boat. We traded in our old flat bottomed fishing barge for this new and improved fishing machine. We purchased her at Avalon Point Marina for $16,780 (price, less the trade in). She was, and still is a real beauty. Came with a huge, indestructable trailer and a solid 90 horse outboard.

Things I like about the Proline 170 Sportsman Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: What I really like about this boat is that it is a huge 17 foot boat. It has a deep V bottom and is quite wide for its size. She handles great in nearly any sort of chop, although you will get wet. I've had her across the Deleware Bay (from Cape may to Slaughter Beach), which is a 17 mile run. Most times I run across it's smooth as glass, then the run home I encounter 4 foot chop, never fails! You get pounded but you get home.

What I don't like about the Proline 170 Sportsman: There are only a few things I don't like about this boat. First is the lack of storage space. But then again, how much space could you really have on a 17 foot boat? Second, the cup holders need to go. What the hell were you people at Proline thinking when you installed these wonders of modern engineering? Side by side cup holders mounted in the center console. The funny part: the holders have drain holes in them that drain into the console. Mind you this is the same console you are supposed to store all your gear in. Also where all of your electrical connections are located. Ah yes, modern engineering and design at its finest. The only other defect is the flimsy fish box. Who knew you shouldn't carry a spare battery in there when you are headed out into 3 foot chop. It's not a pretty sight when you've got to pull a battery up through splintered fiberglass. It was easy enough to fix though.

Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors 170 Sportsman quality: With the exception of the cup holders the boat is solid (just don't put a battery in the fish box!). All fiberglass construction, no wood to rot. She's got smooth sleek lines. Lots of room to move around and fish. So far so good, she's held up very nicely.

170 Sportsman summary: If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy another one. It's a very fishing friendly boat. You can fish anywhere from the shallow back bays to the choppy Deleware Bay to the deep offshore wrecks in the ocean. It is very versitile, fun and affordable boat.

Rating for this Proline product: 4

Author of this review on Proline Fishing Boats - Fishing Motors: Capt. Frank B.

Date: 2004-03-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.5814 out of 5.
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