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Drift Creek Outdoors #2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket Rain Gear

Rain Gear Manufacturer: Drift Creek Outdoors
Drift Creek Outdoors Model: #2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket
Review Category: Rain Gear

Purchase: Rain Gear I bought it at paid $149.95 I bought this brand beacause after much research, they are the only company that tells you HOW WATERPROOF their jacket is. Other companies either don't tell you or do their own testing so you can't compare.

Things I like about the Drift Creek Outdoors #2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket Rain Gear: Everything about it is well designed without being over engineered; functional without being too technical. The shell is a breathable, waterproof 3-layer laminate system. The coating on the shell is so waterproof that my fishing partners all commented on how the water beaded off all day this jacket shed water in hour 12 as completely as it did during the first hour on the water; I remained dry all day long. Other features include expandable front cargo chest pockets with Velcro flaps as well as surface zipper pockets; waterproof zippers and taped seams; several D-rings; a well designed hood; micro-fleece lined collar and visor with 3-way adjustment; Micro-fleece lined hand warmer pockets and a nifty chin guard; two roomy inside storage pockets; neoprene lined cuffs with a velcro strap; two draw cords at the waist and a large back panel game pocket. Everything about this jacket is well thought out and functional. The neoprene cuffs take an extra second or two to draw tight, but when done correctly, I can plunge my arm underwater and stay dry, a bonus when landing and release fish or when your magnetic net release falls in the river (I have replaced that with a new one!). The two drawstrings at the waist cinch the jacket tight. The hood is roomy enough to be comfortable but actually turns with head, keeping it from being cumbersome. The pockets are all big enough to hold fly boxes and gear, and the small surface zipper pockets are perfect for tippet, keys, etc. The bottom line, I was able to remain bone dray and fish comfortably all day long without sweating. I was able to wear this jacket on several fishing trips in the rain, wind and cold so far this year. I own several gortex jackets from other companies, but the Drift Creek Outdoors Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket is my new number one choice for all rainy adventures. I was able to remain bone dry and fish comfortably all day long without sweating, and that is all one can ask for!

What I don't like about the Drift Creek Outdoors #2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket: Really, the only thing I didn't like is I couldn't find it in stores outside of Alaska.

Rain Gear #2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket quality: It was really put together well. All the seams were sealed and the zippers hold up great. The draw cords are concealed very nicely and adjust in all the right places. Even though it is very light, it is totally windproof and shed the water right off. The hood is very functional with plenty of adjustments for a perfect fit.

#2301 Tundra Tech Xtreme Guide Jacket summary: I would recommend this jacket to everyone. I was able to speak with a VERY knowledgable representative who answered all my questions. There was no 'I don't know' or 'let me ask my boss'. Bottom line- The price is right, it's guaranteed, and it flat out performs. Buy this jacket!

Rating for this Drift Creek Outdoors product: 5

Author of this review on Drift Creek Outdoors Rain Gear: Frank Ross

Date: 2008-02-12

Usefulness Rating: 3.14412 out of 5.
340 reader(s) voted.

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