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Cold Steel Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade) Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives Manufacturer: Cold Steel
Cold Steel Model: Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade)
Review Category: Hunting Knives

Purchase: Hunting Knives Bought this knife many years ago when they first came on the market. Purchased from a gun shop in New Zealand for around US$75. They cost a lot more now. Liked the look of the knife,the short carbon steel blade and the Kraton handle. The advertising convinced me that all of this combined would give me the best knife possible.

Things I like about the Cold Steel Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade) Hunting Knives: I don't like this knife at all.

What I don't like about the Cold Steel Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade): The first time that this knife was carried I was hunting Red Deer and came across a medium size wild boar which I duely shot. The short blade was not really long enough to "stick" it or to be a decent throat cutting knife. Failed its first test. Next I opened up the belly to gut the boar. The mud caked belly hair quickly took the edge off the blade and I needed to sharpen it. I had a short 6 inch butchers steel with me but this was not good enough to put an edge on the hard cold steel blade. The short,fat,wide blade was also not very suitable for cutting around the anal area. I later sharpened the blade with an oilstone to bring it back to shaving sharp and it was then used to dispatch a sheep. Once again it was not good at throat cutting and the belly wool quickly took the edge off the blade. It was a fat sheep and the fat on the Kraton handle made it very slippery and dangerous. Failed its second test. After resharpening, the next use was on a Red Deer Stag. Once again the body hair quickly took the edge off the blade. Failed its third test and I haven't used it since. Blade is too thick and too short to slice meat properly. Check out what your butcher uses and you won't find any thick blades like this unless they are on a cleaver.

Hunting Knives Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade) quality: Very well made with heavy thick blade. Quality very good but I believe the design is poor. Knife reviewed is Master Hunter, Carbon V blade,no gut hook,Kraton handle, ballistic nylon sheath.

Master Hunter (Carbon V Blade) summary: Kraton and animal fat don't mix, it becomes slipery and dangerous. Blade failed to hold an edge when used on dirty belly hair of three different animals. Blade is not easy to sharpen on the hill. Blade is far too thick for a meat cutting knife. May pass all the tests for stabbing car doors etc but I don't consider it to be a "hunters" knife. If you use one, always carry a diamond steel or stone for sharpening.

Rating for this Cold Steel product: 1

Author of this review on Cold Steel Hunting Knives: Dave Smith

Date: 2008-02-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.19162 out of 5.
167 reader(s) voted.

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