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Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader Hornady Progressive Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader
Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader Model: Hornady Progressive
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I have been loading rifle bullets for 48 years. At first I used a very inexpensive RCBS press and accessories, then I started loading several different calibers. It took case cleaning, trimming, sizing & priming, 3 separate handling of the cartridge plus the 4th of powder and bullet to finish the process. THEN I WAS EXPOSED TO HORNADY PROGRESSIVE! $579.00 20 years ago!

Things I like about the Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader Hornady Progressive Shooting Accessories: In two words -LESS HANDELING- I tumble clean and trim the cases *TOUCH 1* then *TOUCH 2* I place a bullet in the press and lower the handle that sizes the case and the primes it, raise and lower the handle that primes the case, raise and lower the handle and drop the powder in the case from the powder cutter, lower handle and place a bullet on the case raise and lower the handle to seat the bullet and if needed crimp the neck on the bullet, lower and raise the handle and the finished bullet is ejected from the press into a box. I have only handled the case 2 TIMES!! (Note I load one bullet at a time, that eliminates confusion.)There is six positions for 3 dies,extra crimper, powder, bullet drop unit if you want to be lazy. Also a special primer handling unit is stock on every press!!

What I don't like about the Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader Hornady Progressive : This is being picky but when you need to change from one case like from 223 Rem. to 7mm Rem.Mag it takes about 15 minutes. O'well I can't have it all!! Oh you also have to wax or oil each case when you place it in the press.

Shooting Accessories Hornady Progressive quality: Heavy body with a fine aroma and a powerful stroke ALL Quality and I'm not talking about wine or golf!! JUST A HORNADY PROGRESSIVE RELOADER

Hornady Progressive summary: There are many ways to do most things. I have used many reloading presses and I just like the HORNADY PROGRESSIVE. I have mine in a custom built box 22"x22", it holds all necessary tools, some powder and bullets which are also Hornady. I keep in the box reloading books, dies, powder scale, primers and tubes, 4"x4" plastic covered boxes, Foster case trimmer and personal odds and ends. REMEMBER YOU ONLY HAVE TO HANDLE A CASE 2 TIMES. Oh don't forget the third time at the range or on the field!!

Rating for this Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader product: 5

Author of this review on Hornady Rifle & Pistol Reloader Shooting Accessories: Victor Buron

Date: 2008-03-13

Usefulness Rating: 3.12903 out of 5.
155 reader(s) voted.

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