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Barnett Crossbow Quad 400 AVI Hunting Bows

Hunting Bows Manufacturer: Barnett Crossbow
Barnett Crossbow Model: Quad 400 AVI
Review Category: Hunting Bows

Purchase: I bought this wonderful crossbow at Cabela's on clearance. The price was around $375. I recieved the bow along with other useful accessories.

Things I like about the Barnett Crossbow Quad 400 AVI: The Barnett Quad 400 offers the best value in performance and power. It is a very useful crossbow and in 2005 was considered the most powerful crossbow along with the Revolution and several other crossbows. As of 2007 the Quad 400 no longer holds the power/speed title, but still reigns as a top contender amongst its contemporaries. As for the price, you can't get a better deal.

What I don't like about the Barnett Crossbow Quad 400 AVI: There is only one minor problem with the bow and it's really not a big deal; the snap-on cups on the butt of the crossbow pop out occasionaly during shooting practice. But I don't care, I just snap them back in. The bow delivers bone-smashing power and phenomenal flight. I shot a 20"-414 grn bolt in a mild wind and measured 611 yards. That's further than any golf ball ever hit.

Quad 400 AVI quality: This crossbow is constructed from a strong composite/synthetic material. I like the black color in dark camo. Some bows are in a gaudy and flamboyant camoflouge, which I personally find unattractive. The crossbow is tough and resilient to the usual everyday bumps and scrapes that inevitably incur during use. It still looks like new. I also credit myself for taking immaculate care of the bow, its mechanism and the string.

Quad 400 AVI summary: I have purchased other gear from Cabela's such as bolts, arrows, field points, tote bag, slings, etc. I think Cabela's is a fine outfitter for today's sportsman and I absolutely love the enormous array of products and the reasonable prices. Cabela's is a good company to work with and I will continue to use their products and business.

Rating for this Barnett Crossbow product: 5

Author of this review on Barnett Crossbow Hunting Bows: Christopher Monterastelli

Date: 2008-03-27

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