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Ruger Red Label 12 gauge over/under Gun Reviews

Gun Reviews Manufacturer: Ruger
Ruger Model: Red Label 12 gauge over/under
Review Category: Gun Reviews

Purchase: Gun Reviews Purchased new at gun store in Williamsport, PA (darn it, cant recall the name of the Mom and Pop store, but great people).

Things I like about the Ruger Red Label 12 gauge over/under Gun Reviews: The shotgun fit me like a glove when I tried it out in the store, then proved that fit really does matter both with clays and live critters. I never thought I would say it, but a good gun made me a better shooter instantly. I got the 26' barrel, so the gun pulls up fast. Great for shooting from a canoe, by the way, or trying to swing in some thick brush taking a bead on a grouse. Elegant---thats the word everyone uses for the Red Label, and I can't think of a better one. Like Shaker furniture, it's beauty is in its simple utilitarian elegance.

What I don't like about the Ruger Red Label 12 gauge over/under: The gun comes with five chokes and a Briley choke wrench, all work fine, though the full choke is not as tight as I would like.

Gun Reviews Red Label 12 gauge over/under quality: US made, if that's important to you, and the machine work and woodwork are all great. The walnut stock may not be magnificent, but nice---elegant. It breaks open nicely and snaps shut like a vault door. Good wood to metal fit, everything on mine is tight where it should be tight. The forearm comes off easily, but not too easily. Th buffed "gray" receiver gives minimal glare, though I did opt for some camo tape on it while turkey hunting. Not one visible screw--How did they do that?

Red Label 12 gauge over/under summary: In many ways it reminds me of an old Sterlingworth I once owned; well-designed, well-built, completely functional with simple lines that please the eye. Feels right, looks classy, and shoots well. I tested cheaper shotguns and they felt, well, cheaper. This one feels like a classic, and I have no regrets forking out a few hundred dollars more to own this gun.

Rating for this Ruger product: 5

Author of this review on Ruger Gun Reviews: Jeff Book

Date: 2008-05-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.7931 out of 5.
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