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Daiwa Steez 2508 spinning reel Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Daiwa
Daiwa Model: Steez 2508 spinning reel
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I purchased my Daiwa Steez reel around Christmas, 2006. It was purchased at a local sporting goods store near where I live. It retailed for $499.99.

Things I like about the Daiwa Steez 2508 spinning reel Fishing Reels: It is by far the lightest, smoothest and most solid feeling spinning reel I've ever fished with. Simply works to perfection! I would not go fishing without it.

What I don't like about the Daiwa Steez 2508 spinning reel : There is nothing that I dislike about this reel. It is worth every penny Daiwa asks for this reel. I would buy another one in a NY minute.

Fishing Reels Steez 2508 spinning reel quality: Everything Daiwa says this reel will do is an understatement. It amazes me every time I fish with it. It's micro adjustable, water sealed drag is top of the line. All the bearings are shielded, corrosion resistant, and super smooth. The Digi-gears are precision made and very strong. Daiwas air bail is the smoothest around and definitely helps in preventing loops and wind knots. The Air Metal Magnesium body is very rigid and extremely light, only 6.9oz. Fit and finish are exceptional.

Steez 2508 spinning reel summary: I have now fished my Steez for over a year and it has performed every task perfectly. I'm particularly impressed with it's smoothness of operation. It operates so efficiently it has actually improved the way I fish. When a cast first touches the surface, a simple spin of the handle takes up all the slack and I'm immediately in contact with the lure. I have yet to get a loop while casting or retrieving a lure. It has allowed me to eliminate all of the bad things about fishing a spinning reel and fish with confidence. This, to me, is why the Daiwa Steez is worth every penny charged and I would buy another in a NY minute.

Rating for this Daiwa product: 5

Author of this review on Daiwa Fishing Reels: OneMoreCaststl

Date: 2008-05-16

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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