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Premier Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Premier
Premier Model: Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle I'm a saltwater fisherman and guide. I exclusively fish with a "float" in N.E. Florida. We call it "Float-rig" fishing. A commonly used technique for Speckled trout fishing in rivers, estuaries, creeks, and inlets where we use the current created by the tides to carry the float set at a preset depth to carry a live shrimp over structure. I saw Cablea's had these and tried them out, now years ago. Compared to the Balsa wood "pole" center-line floats. These are SUPERIOR! Constructed out of EVA foam, they tellagraph a bite and a drift condition 100% better than a balsa float. I even talked to the creator one time for 2 hours onm the phone. And told him saltwater fishing stories, not Salmon stories. And how I use these floats. from the one ounce to 3 ounce versions.

Things I like about the Premier Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats Fishing Tackle: They're soft, they float right and each is marked with the corresponding weight size to be used to stand the float up balsa float does that. It's called eliminating the "guess work" for rookies. They are durable, and do not bang up delicate rods.

What I don't like about the Premier Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats: I use the 2 ounce float Salmon Stalker for shallow water fishing too...In 2 feet of water. I really do not like the sigle purpaose use of a Cajun-Thunder style or popping cork. I can go from 2 feet of water for Redfish, to 12 feet of water for Flounder with the Salmon Stalker. But what I did, which the manufacture doesn't do is......I add glass rattles so up in shallow water I can "click" my floats, to attract fish to my bait. The manufacture doesn't off this. So I drill holes in my SS floats and insert big glass rattles into the foam, with a drop of hot melt glue to seal up the hole. I have all the great attributes of a Salmon Stalker float, and the clicking attributes of a Cajan Thunder stle float, but easily adjusted, and way more versatile.

Fishing Tackle Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats quality: Construction is perfect. I have never hasd a Salmon Stalker float fail in any way.

Salmon Stalker "EVA" floats summary: Bals is OLD SCHOOL, and I know they are the standard when center line floats are spoken. But I can tell you, I'll be out "float rigging" with customers and we all are using Salmon Stalkers and catching either Speckled trout to Sheepshead and Redfish. And then the next week I see three boats all using Salmon Stalkers like mine and not balsa floats. The power of observation is huge when on the water. But once you use a Salmon Stalker, and watch it tell you what's going on below the surface with it's easily tellegraphing bouyancy. YOU WILL GIVE UP ON BALSA FLOATS.

Rating for this Premier product: 5

Author of this review on Premier Fishing Tackle: Capt Dave Sipler

Date: 2008-05-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.05674 out of 5.
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