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BUCKMASTERS BM-360 Archery Target Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: BUCKMASTERS
BUCKMASTERS Model: BM-360 Archery Target
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment Debit Card, Walmart, Crossbow Scope Adjustment for Accuracy. Paid $31.97 plus tax.

Things I like about the BUCKMASTERS BM-360 Archery Target Archery Equipment: Light weight and portable.

What I don't like about the BUCKMASTERS BM-360 Archery Target: It does not meet claims clearly printed on the item. Using the lightest pull bow, the Vixen made by Excalibur, bolts/arrows penetrate with field points and rip off the 4 inch fletching. Two sides are meant for field points and two sides are meant for broad heads. The broad head side does somewhat better but leaves a large hole ripping out the burlap covering when arrow is with drawn. I believe this item to be a Ripoff.

Archery Equipment BM-360 Archery Target quality: Cheap material with a bright yellow dyed burlap covering.

BM-360 Archery Target summary: Clearly , not really tested by the manufacturer and it was not even made in China, or so it claims to be made in America right on the target. It would probably work better if it was imported from China. It was cost me more expense and time repairing arrows that it damaged, in order to try to be ready by the time hunting season arrives.

Rating for this BUCKMASTERS product: 1

Author of this review on BUCKMASTERS Archery Equipment: John Maples

Date: 2008-08-15

Usefulness Rating: 4.09091 out of 5.
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