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Cabelas Outfitters Series Alaknak II 12x20 Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Cabelas Outfitters Series
Cabelas Outfitters Series Model: Alaknak II 12x20
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc I got it from the Buda, Texas location. I bought it from Cabelas this spring for $899. I purchased it due to the rising gas prices, it was cheapier to buy this tent with enough room for everyone at base camp that it was to haul our hunting rig up into the mountains

Things I like about the Cabelas Outfitters Series Alaknak II 12x20 Hunting Gear Misc: the room! the floor! the available add on options like the vestibule.

What I don't like about the Cabelas Outfitters Series Alaknak II 12x20: The size of the tent requires no less that two guys to set up

Hunting Gear Misc Alaknak II 12x20 quality: Quality is outstanding! As the salesman at Cabelas said, I'll never have to buy another tent in my life! The Construction is simple enough for the size just not easy for one man to attempt for himself.

Alaknak II 12x20 summary: I have only set it up and not pleasure camped in it so far. My family is in love with it! I can't wait to use it as our base camp up in the rocky mountains elk hunting! Its massive! The Cabela's outfitter that talked me into it told me that this tent was made to go to Antarica for 6-8 weeks, I believe it! Worth every penny!

Rating for this Cabelas Outfitters Series product: 5

Author of this review on Cabelas Outfitters Series Hunting Gear Misc: Morrison

Date: 2008-08-17

Usefulness Rating: 3.09091 out of 5.
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