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Wildlife Research trails end 307 Calls Lures Scents

Calls Lures Scents Manufacturer: Wildlife Research
Wildlife Research Model: trails end 307
Review Category: Calls Lures Scents

Purchase: Calls Lures Scents Acquired at Kmart and Walmart for $5.99 to $7.49.

Things I like about the Wildlife Research trails end 307 Calls Lures Scents: I have been using trails end 307 by Wildlife Research for eight years now. I shot my first Pope and Young Buck in 2001 using this product in combination with Muzzys Dominant Buck Scent. I use these same scents each year with excellent results. Took another Pope and Young Buck in 2007 using them. All but 2 of my last 14 bow kills have been within 15 yards. This stuff works!

What I don't like about the Wildlife Research trails end 307: No dislikes

Calls Lures Scents trails end 307 quality: Great product1

trails end 307 summary: I use trails end 307 every season all season long. I have even shot deer at 10 yards or less as they stuck their nose to the scent wick. It's almost cheating it works so good. I would recommend this product to any bow hunter for any part of the season. Trails End 307 works!

Rating for this Wildlife Research product: 5

Author of this review on Wildlife Research Calls Lures Scents: Dr. Dave

Date: 2008-08-21

Usefulness Rating: 4.66667 out of 5.
6 reader(s) voted.

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