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Carbon Revolution speed pro max Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: Carbon Revolution
Carbon Revolution Model: speed pro max
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I purchased the speed pro arrows to shoot out of my new PSE Dream Season Bow. They were purchased from my local archery shop to squeeze every last bit from my new bow. Bare shafts are extremely competitive, at $100.

Things I like about the Carbon Revolution speed pro max Arrows: My bow is set at 30" and 72#. My A/C/C arrows achieve a speed of 332fps. Upon switching, I now shoot 382fps. I am using 1 pin to 35yds, #2 is 50yds. This reduces yardage judgment errors, probably the biggest issue in archery hunting.

What I don't like about the Carbon Revolution speed pro max: My only complaint is, at every 3D shoot I spend a lot of time letting people test fire my arrows in their bow. Then they want to start an old school vs. new school debate about penetration.

Arrows speed pro max quality: These are ultra stiff splined arrows. They compliment high velocity equipment well. I have no complaints, only praise.

speed pro max summary: I realize kinetic energy is much greater with speed, while momentum is a trade off. I am shooting 100fps faster than most archers. I am also only shooting Whitetails. If a person is worried about bone crushing power, they should use slugs. Archery is all about shot placement, not knock down. Take good shots, and practice often.

Rating for this Carbon Revolution product: 5

Author of this review on Carbon Revolution Arrows: Joe Whitledge

Date: 2008-09-01

Usefulness Rating: 4.78947 out of 5.
76 reader(s) voted.

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