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easton full metal jacket Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: easton
easton Model: full metal jacket
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows i purchased these arrows at a local hunting store in town. When i am looking for a new arrow i will purchase two or three and shoot them. out of the three different models i tried the fmj was by far the complete package. fast and powerful. that are on the expensive side, 129 a dozen, but you get what you pay for i believe.

Things I like about the easton full metal jacket Arrows: I like the the idea of the aluminum tube over the carbon fiber. this gives it a straighter shaft and makes it a harder hitting downrange arrow.

What I don't like about the easton full metal jacket: The only thing i dislike about the arrow is its cost.

Arrows full metal jacket quality: Not only is this arrow a deadly combo of carbon fiber and aluminum but the quality and workmanship of it is flawless. the outer shell is beautiful, smooth and flawless, with great graphics. the new camo pattern on it is very easy on the eyes.

full metal jacket summary: if you are willing to pay X amount of dollars on a hunt and preparation, why would you try to save money on your equipment. The way i see is; your arrow is the last piece of the puzzle. if it doesn't do its job you won't collect your prize. Don't try to save money of this piece of equipment, get the best you can afford, get Eastons FMJ.

Rating for this easton product: 5

Author of this review on easton Arrows: southern pride

Date: 2008-09-17

Usefulness Rating: 4.28205 out of 5.
78 reader(s) voted.

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