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Stoeger M2000 - Walnut - 28" Hunting Gear

Hunting Gear Manufacturer: Stoeger
Stoeger Model: M2000 - Walnut - 28"
Review Category: Hunting Gear

Purchase: Hunting Gear My M2000 was a gift for Christmas of '06. However, I reseached a lot, and concluded that this shotgun would fit "my bill". What remained after the research was some obvious hints to family members. I believe it was bought for about $400.

Things I like about the Stoeger M2000 - Walnut - 28" Hunting Gear: What I wanted out of a shotgun (i.e. "my bill") was: 1. Good quality 2. Won't break the bank (keeping it below $450) 3. Semi-auto (interia driven prefered) The M2000 fit the bill well. It operates well, and shoots well. The balance is great; much better than many of the gas guns I've swung. I like that it came with 5 choke tubes. It wasn't a must for me, but it's been nice to have them, especially the extended turkey choke tube. I use it for hunting rabbits at close ranges in the dead of winter. It will confortable reach out and kill the rabbit to 50 yards. Cleaning, and breaking down the M2000 is easy; especially compared to some gas guns I'm familiar with. It can go a lot longer, and still function well without cleaning if needed compared to gas guns (although I alway clean mine after each outing).

What I don't like about the Stoeger M2000 - Walnut - 28": Getting the gun to break in was a little frusterating. The tolerances are tight on this gun and it would hang (not fully load the next shell) on lighter loads at times, when it was new. After reading online extensively, I've ran some heavy loads through it, and I totally stripped it to ensure there wasn't any manufacturing oil left anywhere. It now runs smooth. Some would complain about the finish of this gun. Me, I know you get what you pay for. The metal finish isn't a high end blue. The walnut on the stock really is farily good with good character in it. I'm more interested in mechanical function and mechanical quality than looks. I've read where some complain about the heavier felt recoil with this and other inertia/recoil operated shotguns. It doesn't bother me much, but I'm not small in stature either. It got better after I added a better, recoil reducing, butt pad to the stock.

Hunting Gear M2000 - Walnut - 28" quality: Please see above. Over all, the M2000 works well. I've no problems with it and plan to have it for many years to come. It is important to make sure that the choke tube threads and the threads in the end of the barrel are well cleaned often. Because of the way that the threading is internal (in the barrel) you can get some build up in the threads. If not cleaned it can get to be difficult to get the tube out. I've notice that the tube is a little tighter when I've long periods/outings between taking it out and cleaning the threads. This isn't a major concern (many manufactures have this style of choke tubes), just something to note.

M2000 - Walnut - 28" summary: If your looking for a good functioning shotgun and don't plan to spend in the $1000 range, the M2000 should be on your list of finalists. The finish on the metal is acceptable. The stock really is some pretty good wood. I was a little suprised by it. For the money, this is a hard gun to beat. If must must have the better looks, get a Benelli (the Stoeger's sibling) and plan to spend over double the money. The operating systems of the two are very similar. I've shot both, and clean/broke down both, and they're both good guns. Out of all those in the $400-$500 range I got the M2000 because of the recoil operated action, and overall good quality.

Rating for this Stoeger product: 4

Author of this review on Stoeger Hunting Gear: Nate - Idaho

Date: 2008-09-19

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