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Power Pro IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line Fishing Line

Fishing Line Manufacturer: Power Pro
Power Pro Model: IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line
Review Category: Fishing Line

Purchase: Fishing Line I acquired Power Pro because a friend recommended it to me. I bought it at Sports Authority for $27.99

Things I like about the Power Pro IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line Fishing Line: I like the fact that i can feel my bait and the strike much better due to the low stretch of the line. The line is also much thinner than traditional mono allowing me to fit more line on to my reels. This in turn allows me to use lighter tackle when fishing. Lighter tackle makes the fight of the fish better. I also like the color of the line, the red color is invisible once it enters the water. The invisible line improves the amount of fish that bite. This line is also highly abrasion resistant which allows me to fish around structure without worrying about my line getting cut off.

What I don't like about the Power Pro IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line : I don't like the fact that this line is so hard to handle. If you grab the line and try to pull it it can dig into and cut your skin. It often cuts my finger just from casting. You also need sharp tools to cut the line. You simply cannot just cut it with scissors. This line is very expensive also. My only other complaint is that when the line tangles it is near impossible to get it free. Most of the time I end up cutting the line and retying. This can waste valuable fishing time.

Fishing Line IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line quality: This product is built of the highest quality. All the products i have bought were free of defects and stood up when I had fish on. The line easily casts and winds back on the reel. It also never buries on the reel like mono. This line was also the roundest and smoothest super line I have ever purchased.

IJ-121671 - Pro Red Line summary: In summation I believe this product is the best super line on the market. It provides great feel and superior knot strength. This product is well worth the price tag and I believe that has greatly improved the amount of fish I catch. This product should be tried by anyone that calls themselves an angler

Rating for this Power Pro product: 5

Author of this review on Power Pro Fishing Line: Chris

Date: 2008-09-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.13043 out of 5.
92 reader(s) voted.

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