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Remington Ghost Camera Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: Remington
Remington Model: Ghost Camera
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: Trail Cameras I purchased this unit from walmart and was wanting one of these products for a long time because it had a lot more megapixels and a memory card and a no flash infared and only cost $130 and for the money it seemed like a great deal. So I bought it. It was the black one not the camo.

Things I like about the Remington Ghost Camera Trail Cameras: There is nothing I liked about this product, when I brought it home and took it out of its box placed the batteries in it turned it on. It programmed fine,But.

What I don't like about the Remington Ghost Camera: The reason I did not like it several I mean several reasons. I turned the camera off which was supposed to be off and was looking at the controls and switches of the camera. the thing flashed in my eyes and all I seen was a white circle for about a minute or two. Also I tried taking pictures with it at home. Set it up and everything placed it on active and waited a minute or two and it would not flash. I also placed the memory card into my laptop and I have norton and norton identified a trojan horse on this memory card.

Trail Cameras Ghost Camera quality: The construction is very well built and has a lot of good features but some employee at this factory did not want this so they implanted viruses into this camera so it will not work properly.

Ghost Camera summary: well the truth of the matter is this camera is a piece of s@#@. now that is the truth and if I would not tell anyone I really liked as a friend to go out and buy one. As a matter of fact I am trying to let everyone that can know about this piece of junk! I went online and come to find out this has been going on for a while. I also tried to call these people and see what was going on but all I got was a answering machine. I was really angry. I calmed down though because I packed this piece of junk back up and took it back to wally world. I left out that while I was online I started reading reviews of other game camers after I visited the web site of better buisness bureaus. Anyway I started reading reviews of game cameras and I found that the Moultrie M44D the little brother of the moultrie was turning heads in a very,very good way. So I went out and purchased this Camera at wally world again because where I live that is about all you got around here is walmart. you don't have a Cabelas or Bass pro. I wanted somewhere if this camera didn't work out I could take it back in the same day.Anyway I bought the moultrie and a 2gb memory card. I have no complaints whatsoever with this camera. I love this camera it gives me clear photos and when I programmed this thing I walked in front of it and it took. I also let it set about 2hrs and tried it. It went to sleep and woke back up soon as I came in front of it and took the picture. I put the camera in complete darkness and waited for the one minuted delay and guess what it worked. It was so simple to program as well. I hooked it up to the tv it worked really well. I hooked the DSL cable to it,it worked really well, I placed the memory card into my laptop, it worked really well. So I said to myself this thing is awesome. So I figured it was time to place it in the woods for the real test. Guess what went back a week Later had 500 photos everyone of them perfect pictures. So if I was going to give anyone advice on purchasing a game camera get them a MOULTRIE M44D AND STAY AWAY FROM THE REMINGTON GHOST CAMERA

Rating for this Remington product: 1

Author of this review on Remington Trail Cameras: 1 Country Boy

Date: 2008-09-28

Usefulness Rating: 3.6918 out of 5.
305 reader(s) voted.

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