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Beman Camo Hunter 400 arrows Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: Beman
Beman Model: Camo Hunter 400 arrows
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I bought a used hoyt havoc bow from a freind and he was shooting the beman camo hunter 400 arrows. I actually bought them from a local archery shop so i could get them custon wrapped and fletched. Thay cost $50.00 for six cut fletched and wrapped.The main reason i stayed with the beman is the anme and reliability iv never heard anything really negative about them.

Things I like about the Beman Camo Hunter 400 arrows Arrows: I really like the camo colored arrow they are strong and durable they fly good and hold up shot after shot. They also have the best penetration of any arrow i have ever shot. I really like the vibrake inserts that makes a difference in the shot and noise level.

What I don't like about the Beman Camo Hunter 400 arrows: I do not like that they are so heavy at 9.1 g.p.i. but the bow still slings them at 293 fps. other than that is about it i dont have much negative to say about them.

Arrows Camo Hunter 400 arrows quality: The arrows are strong the quality is great and they hold up to serious abuse unless you hit a rock i put several in trees and pulled them out and did the flex test. All were ok to shoot and never had a problem with them.

Camo Hunter 400 arrows summary: The product is great they take serious abuse and hold up better than any carbon arrow i have ever shot before. The price is reasonable and they arent hard to find. They match good with atleast 4 differant bows from the hoyt I have to a PSE my freind has. Great arrow and would recommend it to anyone wnating a quality hunting arrow.

Rating for this Beman product: 5

Author of this review on Beman Arrows: Jonathan

Date: 2008-10-14

Usefulness Rating: 3.28333 out of 5.
60 reader(s) voted.

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