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Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit Omega Z5 Blackpowder

Blackpowder Manufacturer: Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit
Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit Model: Omega Z5
Review Category: Blackpowder

Purchase: Blackpowder I am a new hunter and got with some friends who got me into hunting. I am in the military and am a Florida resident but I am stationed in Indiana. I went out originally to get a Mossberg 500 combo field and deer shotgun, but a few stores wouldn't sell to me due to residency issues. It ended up being great since I ended up getting a muzzleloader, a Thompson Center Omega Z5. I bought a kit at Walmart for $297.00 for the black synthetic stock, cleaning supplies, tools, and 10 rounds. Price was right and to my surprise, cheaper that some other places online.

Things I like about the Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit Omega Z5 Blackpowder: The kit included everything a beginner could need with a few exceptions. You would have to buy the primer and powder yourself. The kit included cleaning supplies, sabot rounds, speed loader, and tools required. It also comes with a DVD catalog which includes clips of Thompson Center TV shows, a catalog, but most important was the section on loading, firing, and cleaning the muzzleloader. The gun is simple to load. The primer goes in by pushing forward on the trigger guard and loading the 209 primer which is quite easy. I also liked the fact that the barrel is drilled for scope mounts. You could go up to 150 grain to fire in this rifle. The barrel is designed so that you could push in the round down a bit without the ram rod to make it easier to load. I would rate this a 5.

What I don't like about the Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit Omega Z5: There is nothing not to like about the Omega Z5. Thompson Center makes a thumbhole stock for it in grey, real tree type camo, and black. They only make right handed models though. Bad for me since I am left handed. I gave them a call and said that it was in the works since others have shown interest in it. I also mounted a thompson center scope on their gorilla mounts and I find it a bit hard to load the primer, not much a problem for me since I have skinny fingers. It could be a problem for someone with fat fingers though. It would not be a problem if one bought the high scope mount.

Blackpowder Omega Z5 quality: The construction is very sturdy. No loose parts, craftsmanship is top notch. The gun felt sturdy and nothing came loose after firing it to sight in the scope I mounted. I have fired it over thirty times and haven't had any problems with it.

Omega Z5 summary: To someone who is looking for a good place to start in the world of muzzle-loading, you cannot go wrong with this product. Take it from me, I am new going into it but now I am confident with this rifle. Thompson center has given a lot of thought into this product with all the included supplies in the kit plus the instructional DVD is invaluable to getting up and running. Plus with the economy being the way it is why not support an American gun company who has been in the market for years and one of the top reputations in the market.

Rating for this Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit product: 5

Author of this review on Thompson Center Omega Z5 muzzleloader kit Blackpowder: Salty Sailor

Date: 2008-11-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.55556 out of 5.
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