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Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Trophy Ridge
Trophy Ridge Model: Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment I shoot a new Matthews DXT, so i wanted the best sight with vertical pin alignment, so I went to, which is an awesome place to find bowhunting stuff listed at decent prices, and i ended up buying there for 119.99 (standard price in August 2008). I bought this sight primarily because i really love the vertical pin alignment. I will always used this type of site, primarily because of the field of view and the difference it makes compared too sights with side alignment...I know this because i used one before switching over. I paid 119.99, standard price in August of 2008.

Things I like about the Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin Archery Equipment: Like i said the vertical pin alignment is sweet and a must have for me, but i also lovehow easy it is too sight it in, and how close to perfect i can get it. It is a very bright sight with the pins lighting up, even in minimal lighting conditions. The camo on the sight as well as the harmonic dampeners that match my bow, is only a plus.

What I don't like about the Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin: My brother had an earlier version of the matrix and it seemed to rattle when I had it on my DXT, while i was waiting for this site to be shipped. I just hoped this one would be different. WRONG! I probably shot it 300 times (within a week) and it sounded like a pissed off diamondback every time i shot. This has caused me to adjust to deer dropping more than normal from hearing the rattle and being spooked, though i'm shooting 70 pounds, it still makes a difference. I am so dissappointed in this sight cause i know it has all the potential to be a great one. Unfotunately i also have had trouble with the sight pins bending a little, making the vertical pin alignment look out of line a bit. Recently my whole 20 yd pin (the top one) broke off! Now i am extremely careful with my stuff but it somehow broke off during the time I strapped it to my backpack, to the ride and walk to my blind, to unstrapping it.

Archery Equipment Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin quality: It is very good quality (metal) and the pins are metal too. My main concern is the rattling noise, which i am almost certain comes from the clamps that are used to raise and lower the pins individually, and that stuff is made of plastic.

Micro Matrix Guide Series 5 Pin summary: I would recommend this site but it has had too many problems in too short of time. If I were you I would consider buying the new Trophy Ridge sights that just recently came out (go to their official web site) cause i know they are the best quality sights you can buy on the market as of today. I'm getting one for next season cause i can't stand the problems i'm having now for another season. Good hunting!

Rating for this Trophy Ridge product: 3

Author of this review on Trophy Ridge Archery Equipment: Cameron Cooper

Date: 2008-11-20

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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